The Day I Knew I Had to Transform Myself

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I had always been bossy and telling my friends what to do - mainly because they asked for my advice.

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But it wasn't until one day when one of my friends asked if I could show her how I turned around my relationship with myself that I knew this was something more than just my self-transformation.

After becoming a certified Transformation Life Coach, I knew it was time to start my business!

I want you to be able to transform your life and have confidence and self-love too; so I've created a free guide to help you get started quickly!

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Why I Pursued This Transformation

At one point in my life I was a single mother, working outside the home and trying to lose a few pounds. I was not dating anyone, frankly I didn't have the time or energy to put towards someone else. Usually in my relationships I looked for validation and comfort from my partner. That wasn't fair. It was never their job to make me feel whole and happy. Needless to say my relationships were not healthy nor long-lasting.

I was in a very low place. I didn't have anyone to help me in any sense. I didn't have child care help, financial help, help around the house, and no one was cheerleading for me nor making me feel like everything was going to be ok.

My friends didn't really know just how low things went for me because I didn't want to open up to them. I didn't want to be the Negative Nancy. Which in my case that is fitting since Nancy is my name. My friends didn't need to be burdened by my problems.

Top to it off, my internal voice was so mean and nasty to me. Everything I did was wrong and I was always doubting myself and criticizing myself. It was as if an evil step-mother had taken over my headspace rent-free.

Your thoughts shape your reality.

The Day I Knew I Had To Start My Transformation Coaching Business

One day I decided this had to stop. It's one thing to have self-criticism it's another thing to make yourself miserable. So I went into a transformative journey.

I knew that I wouldn't find the man I needed if I didn't take care of myself first. I knew that I was setting a bad example for my daughter. It was also something I could no longer carry, so I experimented.

The story of how I transformed is pretty long and I'll write more about it at another time. But once my friends saw the change in me, they asked how it happened. I was more than happy to share my secrets with them because I loved them and I also want them to be happy.

Even though I am not currently taking clients at the moment, I decided to share what I have with you via my blog, videos, and e-books.

If you take a look at the e-book below, make sure to add the code AFFIRM at checkout for a 100% discount.

You deserve nothing but the best. It all starts with how you treat yourself, so start treating yourself with kindness and respect.

Thanks for reading!

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