5 Day Love yourself challenge

5 Day Love Yourself Challenge

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5 Day Love Yourself Challenge.

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This week I decided we all needed to partake in a 5 Day Love Yourself Challenge. The holidays are coming up and even though this is a time for family and happy memories we are stressed, cranky, and tired. Just me?

So I feel this Love Yourself Challenge will help us hit the ground running on the right foot. Let's take just 5 days to pay attention to ourselves and show ourselves some much-needed appreciation. I am sure your kids and s/o do this on a regular basis (I'm a little sarcastic but some of us are actually lucky enough to get this) but we often forget to do this for ourselves. After all, it isn't anyone else's job to make sure we feel loved and happy. It is our job first, the rest will take our cues and follow if they feel inclined to do.

All right lady, here is the breakdown. Do you prefer to download a mini e-book? You can do so here.

Follow along day by day. These daily activities shouldn't take more than a few minutes but you end up with the self-love feels.

5 Day Love Yourself Challenge

Your thoughts shape your reality.

Day 1 Write down 5 things that make you unique

Maybe you should make a spot in your journal so you can track down and write down your thoughts and experience. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to say more nice things about yourself 🙂

Write anything that comes to mind about your uniqueness. Try to be specific. When you are done writing the 5 things, take a moment to appreciate yourself.

Let your shoulders down.

Day 2 Meditate for 30 minutes on what you bring to this world.

30 minutes may seem too long but you know, our minds are constantly on. Might as well focus our thoughts on what we bring to the world. Are you a charitable person? Are you focused on raising respectable adults for our future world? Is your career helping in some way? Do you offer a listening ear to friends and family?

At first, it might be scary to open that can of worms. I know my thoughts can quickly go into negativity land. "You aren't that helpful." "You don't bring anything to the world" blah blah blah. Silencio Bruno!

I have to admit this one took me a while to ponder but I was able to recognize a few things I bring to this world in my own small way. And that is good enough for me. Also, this lets me see how I am not doing all that I want to do. So it's a great time for me to review my 'bucket list' and make sure to add charitable and kind things to my list. For example, I want to volunteer at my local animal shelter. I want to reach more ladies so I can help them discover their self-love and confidence. And many more things.

Yes, you can.

Day 3 Treat yourself to a bubble bath, light some candles, and reflect on how amazing you are.

We don't toot our own horns enough. We were raised (at least I was) to be modest, be quiet, and not take up too much space. The h*1l with that! I am going to make sure the room knows I have arrived. One of the ways I was able to develop confidence was by taking stock of my awesomeness. I know I sound like those guys that just talk about themselves on the first date. But you know what? Maybe we should think a little like those men. That might be where our confidence is hiding. Under all the repressed layers of humble.

So while you ponder about your amazingness, light some candles, throw in a few bath bombs and let go of the idea that talking yourself up makes you narcissistic.

I bet you can come up with at least 5 awesome things about yourself.

Day 4 Forgive yourself for 1 thing that has been bothering you lately.

I give you permission to forgive yourself. Did you snap at someone recently for no reason? Whatever it is you have playing in your head on repeat, take a moment to forgive yourself. Nobody is perfect, so embrace all that is yours, flaws and all.  Learn from this and move on. Why is it easier to forgive others but not ourselves?

Day 5 Spend a few hours trying a new hobby

Don't get too hung up on the 'spend a few hours' part. You can do this with your s/o, kids, or friends. Otherwise, if this is something you want to do on your own but don't have a few hours to spend trying a new hobby, then do this for as long as you can, even if that is 10 minutes.

My sister is really good at knitting. She loves to watch Netflix while she knits and I think that it's cute. I tried to take it up as well but I don't think it's for me. So I moved on to other hobbies.

What have you been wanting to try? Maybe this is a sign to start now 🙂

I hope this 5 Day Love Yourself Challenge helps you see that doing small things for yourself can snowball into something else. Self-love and confidence won't happen overnight, but it also won't happen if you don't take some time to appreciate yourself.

It is not your job to make others happy. It is your job to make yourself happy, and that happiness will overflow to reach the people you love. It is also their job to make themselves happy. So maybe you can pass along some of your new self-love habits and help them in their self-love journey.

That is exactly what I am trying to do here. If some of these ideas didn't suit you, swap them out for other ideas! The point here is to pay attention to yourself a little bit each day.

Thanks for reading and let me know how this challenge went for you!


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