Be nicer to yourself

Reflecting on how I learned to love myself – how to be nicer to yourself

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I can't guarantee you'll wake up in love with your life but I can promise this - I promise (Because I've done it) that learning 'positive self-talk’ will reaffirm your worth. You can be nicer to yourself. You can find time for yourself so that you can regain your glow 🙂

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The truth of the matter is that most of us mistreat ourselves or neglect ourselves. BUT, we can change this. I did! I went from being my own worst enemy to being my best friend.

How did I do this? I learned to re-direct my negative self-talk. I learned to respect myself.

Be nicer to yourself

How you can be nicer to yourself

Realize that you deserve respect.

Start by respecting yourself.  I wrote an entire blog post on how to respect yourself and how to teach others to respect you.  You can read it here.

Learn to re-direct negative self-talk.

It's going to be difficult at first, but don't give up.  Being mindful of your thoughts is the first step.  Once you can catch and recognize passing negative self-talk, you can flag it down and rephrase your thought.  For example, if you made a mistake, you might start thinking "I'm so stupid!"  This is going to come naturally for you because you've done it for so long.  But starting now, you'll say (or think), "No, I am not stupid.  I made a mistake.  I am human. Humans make mistakes, and that's how I'll learn to do it better the next time I try."  Keep practicing this and in time, you won't have to think about it. Negative self-talk will no longer be an issue for you if you practice long enough.

The important thing is to be nicer to yourself whichever method you use - you deserve the best!

Need more tips?  Check out "Happiness Through Self-Care" on my site today and start learning to love your life.

Watch this video for some motivation.

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