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6 Components to a Successful Weight Loss Program

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A successful weight loss program that includes many components of health is the best way to get results that last a lifetime.


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Reach your weight loss goals and keep the fat off with a successful weight loss program

There are 6 components for fitness and weight loss which I believe are the components that will help you reach your goals and get you results.  When you work on these components with strong support and accountability, you will see changes in yourself in a matter of time.  A successful weight loss program doesn’t have to be difficult to follow. It all starts with baby steps, a professional on your side, and determination.

The 6 Components of a Successful Weight Loss Program


The first component is mindset.  If you set goals for yourself but don’t know the actual reason behind the WHY,  you won’t reach your goal by constantly losing your motivation. Once you know your actual WHY and you understand what you’re actually trying to do, you can move forward to taking the next step in reaching your goals.  


Nutrition is going to be 80% of your results.  When we work together, you are going to give me all the foods that you like to eat and I’m gonna give you the portion size that your body needs so that you can get those weight loss results.  When you are following a great, personalized nutrition you can expect to lose about a pound of fat per week.

Resistance Training

The third component is the resistance training.  The resistance training is going to be 10% of your results you’re going to lose about half a pound of fat per week.  The resistance component will have the workout that you need so you can create the muscle mass you want and will help you speed up your metabolism.


The cardiovascular component is going to be the other 10% of your results.  You will be working on your heart with cardio.  You’re also going to start burning some fat.  The cardiovascular component is very important for weight loss as well as muscle gain.  You cannot burn fat without cardiovascular and resistance training and vice versa.


The 5th component is regeneration which prevents injuries.  When you stretch between your workouts and allow your muscles to regenerate you are protecting your body from injuries allowing you to continue your workout plan.  Your body regenerates by getting enough sleep, stretching, and foam rolling.

Professional Assistance

The next component and the final one is professional assistance. Professional assistance is where I come in.  I’m going to be the one to make sure that your mindset, nutrition, resistance training, and cardiovascular training are all there together and getting you to where you need to go from point A to point B.  

This is similar to when you have a financial advisor – someone who’s going to help you with your money, I’m doing the same thing but with your health. If you don’t know what you’re doing I’m the one that will take you and guide you to your weight loss goals.


Contact me for your free consultation.  Make a list of questions for me, I’d love to help by answering them for you.  Thanks for reading!

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