Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously – It’s Holding You Back

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Stop taking yourself too seriously - It's holding you back

When I used to be an actress, I had such a hard time letting go. I was afraid of looking foolish, ugly, dumb, uncoordinated, and much more.  Why?  Because I deeply cared what others thought of me. Just like the title says. I have to keep telling myself this so much.  I'm so critical of myself, so much so that I don't let go and be my authentic self.  I feel like I am holding my inner child in so that I don't embarrass myself.

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I am no longer a working actress, at the moment though I am hoping to jump back in soon, I still hold myself back by taking myself too seriously.

taking yourself too seriously

Learning to stop taking myself too seriously

Since I want to return to stage and screen, and because life is much better when you allow yourself to be authentically you, my next challenge is to let go and stop taking myself too seriously.  I want to invite you on this journey.

The way I see it, authentic people are much more relatable. They aren't happy all the time 24/7 but because they are able to laugh at themselves and open up to others, they are less likely to be wound up and anxious like us the serious ones.


Being the "Serious One"

Growing up I was the serious one and my little sister the silly, fun, and cute one. She was the one you could count on to start dancing at parties, the one that wasn't afraid to be silly and make us laugh.  I was always on the side, reserved, 'proper'.  I don't want to be 'proper' anymore. I want to be like my little sister.

I want to encourage and allow my inner child to come out and play. Making facial expressions that are unattractive won't kill me.  Doing silly dances or being myself won't make people stop liking me.

I have worked on gaining confidence so I know that letting go will be a challenge but it's one I can take on.

Another plus is that my daughter will not remember me forever as the serious mom who never let go and joined in on the fun.  I play with her and act silly around her all the time but I clam up when others are around.

Make Ugly Faces

By the time I turn 40 (in a few months) my goal was (and still is) to enter my 40s with a clean bill of health.  I want to add another goal.  My 2nd goal is to simply let go, make ugly faces, make silly dances, and become vulnerable. I no longer care what others think of me and it is freeing.

So, will you join me on my quest to stop taking yourself too seriously and embrace silliness and vulnerability?

- Too rushed to edit...please forgive any typos, grammar, etc. The message stands though right?

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