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Making a change in your life? These tips will help you start now

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I've never been a morning person and I wanted to change that, so I changed my wake-up time.  I figured life is too short to be fighting alarms in the morning.  I'm a night owl. Sue me. I wake up between 7:45 and 8 am. That is still morning, right?

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Who told me I had to wake up earlier than that? YouTubers and millionaires and self-help gurus, that's who.  Why did I guilt myself into forcing myself to go to bed earlier just to wake up at 5 or 6 like 'adults'? Dude, I'm my own boss. lol, One day it just hit me.

I don't have to follow anyone else's bedtime or wake-up time.

I just have to go to bed when I'm ready to go to bed. Wake up after 7 hours of sleep.  Boom. Instant morning person. Now I am not grouchy in the mornings, I don't rely on coffee to wake me up or get me going. I love coffee so I still drink it, but sometimes I don't get around to it until a few hours into the day 🙂

Did it also take you this long to realize you are your own boss in life? lol

Attraction + Action

My new objective in this blog is not only to help you find ways to be in better tune with yourself and create the life you want to live but also to give you action steps so you can make that happen right now.  If you truly want to make a change, say, actually wake up at 5 am because you have to. Here is how you can train yourself to make changes in your life.

Clean out your mind clutter

Grab a piece of paper or your bujo and a pen so you can brain dump. Figure out what needs to change in your life. Let's stay with the example of waking up early without being an ogre in the mornings.

Set up mini-goals you can hit.

In this case, if you want to wake up at 5 am you can do something like this:

-watch caffeine intake
-exercise in the morning instead of in the evening
-create a nightly routine to wind down and stick to it.
-wake up 10 minutes earlier than I am used to for 3 to 5 days.
- wake up another 10 minutes earlier the next week.
- so on until I reach my goal of waking up at 5 am

Find the motivation and remind yourself EVERY DAY what that is.

My motivation can be because I start my new job in a couple of weeks and I want to have enough time in the morning to do my makeup and avoid heavy traffic.

Stop procrastinating.

Sometimes you have to parent yourself. If I know that my new bedtime is at 10 instead of 12, I should have everything done by then and my butt in bed. Not putting bed off until later.

Banish self-doubt.

"I don't think I can do this" needs to go out the window. Catch your negative thoughts with a butterfly net. Listen to your doubts then tell them what's real. The reality is "Yes I can do this."  Then release those doubts into the wild.  They won't bug you again for a bit.  They'll be back but now you know how to handle them.  Your doubts are fears that are trying to protect you. In this case you don't need protection from waking up early.

Get help from the people in your life.

People that love you want to be there for you. If you tell them what they can do to help you reach your goals, they will be over the moon to help you out.  Maybe it's asking your spouse to help you wake up in the morning.

Visualize your change happening.

Visualization is very effective. That is why athletes use that technique a lot. Visualize the change as if it already happened. Think of how it feels, tastes, looks, sounds, etc. Be as realistic as positive. For my example, I can visualize what it looks like outside at 5 in the morning. Is it still dark out? Cool? Quiet? Are the birds chirping yet?  How does my 5 am coffee taste like? You get the point.

Get it sis.

Making changes in your life is about identifying what you want, creating a plan to getting that, and taking action.  Affirmations, law of attraction and visualizations, are not effective if you don't take action.  What changes are you trying to make in your life? Let me know how I can help.

Thanks for reading!

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