gotta love myself self accountability

Self Accountability – When We Want Something But Find It Hard To Get

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Holy cow, motivation was lacking this week! Do you ever feel like it's all or nothing? Like, if you mess up today then you might as well not even try tomorrow? I do and it sucks!

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This week I tried paying more attention to what I was eating. This weight loss journey is more than just losing weight but finding ways to take care of myself. Holding myself accountable and forgiving myself when I slip. It's also about not giving up on myself.


On the flip side, finding moments to be proud of and patting myself on the back or treating myself to fun stuff is also very important.


I wanted to show you some weight training stuff I was doing but my darn camera shut off in the middle! At least I get to show you some core and balance exercises.


Let me know if you want to see more exercise videos, (better angles obviously!) I feel like a newborn YouTube creator when I am editing and catch my mistakes. But hey! That's what learning is about!! Making mistakes and learning from the,m! haha.


Ok, what type of exercises would you like?


I love you so much.


Click here to watch on YouTube!

gotta love myself self accountability

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