Is doubt getting in the way of the life you want to live

Is Doubt Blocking From Getting What You Want?

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Have you ever heard, "Just think it and it will come true"? Or how about “don’t jinx it!”?  It’s not just ‘thinking’ that you can have something. You also have to feel or believe that it’s possible.


It’s easier to believe the negative by the way, hence the “don’t jinx it!”.  But don’t worry, you can learn to believe you can have the positive too.


When we believe in having something, we also believe in receiving it. When you want to believe, deeply believe, it means you have to remove resistance. Because resistance leads to doubt. 

resistance equals doubt

Resistance = Doubt.


When you remove the doubt that you can have what you most desire, you are open to receiving.  This is how you can get what you want.


Tools for eliminating doubt.


There are a variety of tools, techniques and strategies that can assist you eliminate the doubt (resistance). Here is one that I like best.


Ask yourself this question:

"Is there anybody on the planet having or doing what you prefer?".


For instance, if your desire is to attract your perfect customer or your ideal relationship, then you could ask yourself: "Is there anybody on earth who has attracted their ideal customer?".


Yes, there are millions of individuals on earth who have actually attracted their ideal customers.


Use the modeling technique.  Find someone, whether you know them or not, who has achieved what you are after.  Use them as inspiration.  Everyone has to overcome obstacles. Maybe your obstacles won’t be exactly like theirs. But knowing that another person did it, will allow you to believe that you can too.


Hint: Do not compare yourself to this person.  You can only compare yourself to who you were yesterday.


Now this feels possible.  And when it feels possible, you have eliminated doubt. And when you eliminate the doubt, the universal Law of Attraction can bring your desires to you. With a little help from you of course.  

remove the doubt to get what you desire

The formula for the Law of Attraction:


( 1) Identify what you most desire


( 2) Raise the Vibration


( 3) Allow it to happen


( 4) Believe that it already has happened


inhale confidence exhale doubt


Go out into the world knowing that you are fearless.  You are open to receiving what you truly want. You are worth it.  If this isn't easy for you, that's ok.  This is something you can learn to do. You are not stuck!


So tell me, how will you take action today to get one step closer to where you want to be in life?


Thank you for reading & remember to love yourself today!

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