perception is reality

Perception is Reality – You Actually Have a Lot to be Grateful For

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Perception is Reality

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I have gotten almost everything I’ve ever wanted. Not because I sold my soul, or because I was born rich, or filled to the brim with confidence. Because of perception. And also because when you are stronger than your doubt, you are open to receiving.


What do you want?

Practice allowing new opportunities into your life. Change your perception, maybe you already have what you’ve been asking for.

When you change your perception, you will realize that at some level some of your desires have come true.

For example, I had always wanted to be an actress and be on the big screen. I don’t live in Hollywood or hang out with the cast of Friends, but I have done theater and film. Locally. I’ve had films I have worked on land on the big screen. What more can I ask for?!

My dreams have come true in one way or another! I can sit here and pout for not being a celebrity or I can sit here and appreciate what I have accomplished and continue to enjoy my life.

I made the choice to be happy with what I received. Now I’m continuing to remove doubt so that I can do more and receive more.

I’m sure you’ve done amazing things. Take a look around and appreciate what you’ve accomplished so far. This should help you see that you can set doubt aside and continue to receive more of what you want.

When you doubt your abilities you aren’t trusting yourself.  You are not allowing yourself to grow or to be your true self.


Perception is Reality

Your brain is constantly looking to you for clues.  You are constantly listening to your brain for clues.  When you work together things fall into place.  Let me explain.

When you keep telling yourself (your brain hears this obviously) that you are unhappy, your brain will set that as your new reality.  And when your brain keeps trying to remind you that you are in fact awesome, you don’t believe it.  Because you are on a loop of “I’m unhappy”, or “I should have xyz by now”, or “I’ll never have confidence” (Insert dream/goal/wish/desire here).

Take a piece of paper out or your journal and list things you have done.  Or list things you have to be grateful for.


Your list can look like this:

  1. In high school I stood up to a bully.
  2. At work I negotiated my salary and didn’t back down.
  3. I am grateful for the space heater under my desk.
  4. I am grateful for the food in my refrigerator.  That means I am responsible with money.
  5. I am grateful for the income I am making.
  6. I am grateful for my responsibility with money.
  7. I am grateful to my parents for teaching me about finances and being responsible with money.

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The Reality of Your Perception

Do you see how easy it is to pull up more than 3 things to be grateful for?  And the other items on the list is a sort of a resume of your accomplishments.  It may not look like accomplishments people traditionally speak of.  But this reminds you that you have overcome some tough or uncomfortable situations.


Seeing these items on your lists helps your brain prove your reality.  The reality is not that you are unhappy.  But the reality is that you forget or choose not to focus on the actual reality.  That you are capable of standing up for yourself.  And you have a lot more to be grateful for than you realize.

Or that even if you find yourself unhappy at work sometimes, that you are actually doing what you set out to do. In some cases, the career we wanted is not what we imagined at all. But we still got what we wanted.

Once you see (visually in a list or a series of photos, diary entries, etc) you will get on the same page with your brain.  This will let you see your actual reality.  And if you don’t like your reality, you are now ready to create the one you want!

Either way, this will bring you some comfort and happiness.  Even when things don’t seem to go our way, the reality is that we have a lot more to be happy about and grateful for.

Change your perception, see your reality and be happy with it or change it to be happy.


? Thank you for reading!


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