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5 Self-Care Tips to Recharge

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Self-care tips that worked for me.

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I know it can be hard to make time for self-care as a mother. We run from one thing to another, filling every hour in our lives with work, study, family, and social events.

Even during this pandemic, we can't catch a break. It is even more important now that we take care of ourselves.  And I mean in it both ways - physically and mentally.

If you are having a hard time with your own self-care, check out these five tips to improve your habits.  These helped me a whole lot and I truly hope they help you too.

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1. Add self-care to your daily routine

When you plan your weekly schedule, schedule time for self-care. Making a self-care your routine means that you'll be more likely to commit to it.  Because you'll have time specifically reserved for self-care. After a while practicing self-care can become a habit and a part of your regular life.

2. Do what is best for you

Self-care looks for different for everyone. Some ladies enjoy going out for a hike, others like catching up with friends.  Also, some ladies prefer sitting at home losing themselves in a good book or movie.

Think about what makes you feel better and commit to that. Don’t feel pressured by what others consider self-care; you know what makes you happy best.

3. Practice gratitude every day

Engaging in a regular gratitude practice is a great habit and a fabulous thing to do in your self-care time. Take a little time every day to write down one to three things that you are grateful for. Try to think of unique things that have happened for that week, instead of repeating the same things each time.

It may be hard at the beginning, but the more you practice gratitude the easier it'll become. Regular gratitude exercises train your brain to be thankful and positive about the things you already have in your life.  This keeps you from focusing on the things you don’t have or things that aren’t going so well.

4. Be adventurous - try something new for self-care

Trying something new is a fantastic way to break out of the same old thing in your life. Your mental health will benefit and you'll learn new skills. Through the activity itself and in regard to managing your stress and being open to new opportunities. It’s a great way to take care of your mental, in some cases depending on the activity, your physical health.

5.  Try a social media detox

Social media can be great for keeping in touch with people, but it can also lead to FOMO (is this still a thing?) through comparison. If you're feeling overwhelmed or if you find yourself in a rut, take a break from social media.  Detoxing from social media helps to become more present and helps you reboot in the real world.

It took me a while to implement these tips into my life.  Don't expect to wake up with a perfect self-care routine.  The key is to get to know yourself first and see what will help you feel happy and at peace.

Tell the kids and the SO what you are planning to do and set boundaries.  Some of the self-care activities you choose to do will be just for you and tell them that you expect them to respect your time.

On the flip side, some of these activities you can do together and you'll spend quality time with the people you love.


Thanks for reading!


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