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The new direction of this blog

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The last few months have been incredibly busy for me.  Aside from keeping my family and myself safe from the virus, I've also had to keep us safe from depression, etc.

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A few months ago I signed up to become a certified personal trainer & confidence life coach.  I am very happy to announce I am now certified in both!  My time and efforts have been going toward Rafael PT Fitness, which I co-own with Rafael.  But now it's time to focus on this website and my confidence life coach certification.

Why I choose confidence life coaching

My entire life, since childhood, I have lacked confidence.  Up until a few years ago, I didn't love myself.  I didn't have the life skills necessary for emotional intelligence.  But I studied, I learned, I grew.

So I want to make this journey easier for those who are seeking to find themselves, to love themselves, and to have unshakeable confidence.

These next few weeks, this website will have articles I've written, things I've learned, and even a new course!

I am very interested to hear from you about what you most desire.  I want to help you get there.

Stay tuned, I promise you will the answers here soon.

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As a passionate personal trainer, women's fitness specialist, life coach, and nutrition coach, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. With years of experience in the fitness industry, I am committed to empowering and guiding you on your journey toward a healthier, happier you. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and create a sustainable, balanced approach to fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. Get ready to transform your life!

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