Why it’s important to find a form of exercise you’ll actually enjoy

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Exercise shouldn't be about punishment or obligation. Instead, it should be an opportunity to connect with your body, discover your strengths, and experience the joy of movement.

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When you find enjoyment in physical activities, you’ll see many different types of positive side effect.

Personally, when I am consistently moving, whether it's a leisure daily walk or a dance session, I notice that I have more energy, sleep better, and manage my moods better.

Here are a few side effects you may experience when you do physical activities you actually enjoy.


Fun exercises will naturally keep you motivated. When you look forward to your workouts, you're more likely to maintain consistency in your fitness routine.

Reduced Stress

Physical activities that bring joy have a remarkable ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Exercise becomes a form of self-care and a way to unwind.

Enhanced Body Positivity

Engaging in activities that make you happy fosters a positive body image. You learn to appreciate your body for what they can do rather than focusing solely on appearance.

Increased Endorphins

Joyful exercises trigger the release of endorphins, the "feel-good" hormones, leaving you with a sense of elation and contentment.

Sustainable Lifestyle

When exercise is enjoyable, it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, becoming a long-term pursuit rather than a short-lived fad.

Putting joy and fun at the top of your fitness list

Putting joy and fun at the top of your fitness list

So now that we do the benefits and the great side effects of doing physical activities you actually like, let's talk about how to add this to our day-to-day life.  I know that most of us ladies have many things going on at once, so here are some ideas on how to get this new habit going.

Follow your heart

Focus on the things you do that really make you happy and excited. When deciding how to move your body, do what makes you happy.

Accept Change

Don't be afraid to switch things up! Trying new things can be exciting and keep you from getting bored.

Set Realistic Goals

Focus on how you feel instead of how you look when you set your goals. Pay attention to small wins and celebrate progress.

Be kind to yourself and don't compare yourself to others. Accept your flaws and know that movement is about making progress, not being perfect.

Find a Community of Support

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and cheer you on as you get fit. Making friends with people who like the same things you do can make exercise even more fun. Make sure to join our Facebook Group!

Is there a form of exercise you enjoy doing? Stick around so you can get some ideas.

Try These Physical Activities That Bring You Happiness

  1. Dance: Whether we do it in a dance studio, at home, or in a Zumba class, dancing lets us be creative and boosts our mood and self-esteem.
  2. Nature Walks or Hikes: Exploring the outdoors and getting close to nature is good for our physical health, but it also helps us calm our minds and refresh our spirits.
  3. Group Sports: Joining a recreational sports team or club can be a fantastic way to make new friends, build camaraderie, and enjoy the thrill of competition in a supportive environment.
  4. Yoga: Yoga combines physical movement with being present in the moment. This makes you more aware of your body, more flexible, and more at peace with yourself.
  5. Martial Arts: Martial arts are a great way to get in shape and learn discipline, self-confidence, and a sense of power.
  6. Swimming: Taking a dip in the pool or ocean can be refreshing and energizing. It can also help you get in shape and calm your mind.
  7. Cycling: Cycling gives you a sense of freedom and adventure and lets you see new places while getting your heart rate up in a low-impact way.

Finding joy in movement is the key to a wellness journey that is both satisfying and long-lasting. By doing physical activities that make you happy, you can improve your overall health and feel better about your body.

Remember that putting fun and enjoyment first in your exercise routine is the first step to becoming healthier and happier. So, put on your dancing shoes, hit the trails, or jump in the pool. Whatever makes you happy, let that be your guide on this fun fitness adventure.

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