The Surprising Link Between Physical Activity and Your Happiness

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For some of us, exercise is often seen as a chore or even punishment. Let me tell you that the true essence of fitness lies in finding joy and happiness in movement.

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When we engage in physical activities that bring us genuine pleasure, we not only improve our physical well-being but also feed our mental and emotional health.

According to an article by Mahindru, A., Patil, P. M., & Agrawal, V., more and more evidence is being found that supports the positive effects of physical activity on mental health. Researchers have conducted studies on both short and long periods of exercise to understand its impact.

They state that studies have shown that engaging in physical activity has been linked to improved outcomes for mental illnesses. Several psychological impacts, including self-worth, cognitive abilities, emotional state, feelings of sadness, and overall well-being, have been examined.

Based on overall findings, physical activity improves mood and self-confidence while reducing stress levels, which we all know stress can worsen both mental and physical health conditions.

They also wrote that research indicates that individuals who engage in regular physical activity experience improved mental well-being.

But, it is important to note that there is no established correlation between exercise and mood improvement in individuals who are in good health.

So, what type of exercises can you do to start generating energy and improve your mental and emotional well being?

Next week, I'll be talking about why it's important to find a form of exercise you'll actually enjoy and give you a list of activities you can do to start feeling your best.


Mahindru, A., Patil, P. M., & Agrawal, V. (2023, January 7). Role of Physical Activity on Mental Health and Well-Being: A Review. Cureus; Cureus, Inc.


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