5 tips for successful affirmations

5 Tips for Effective Affirmations

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People tell me I should have charged $50 for my Daily Affirmations Handbook but here's the thing, I really wanted this to be accessible. I didn't want a hefty price tag to be the ONE thing that stops you from getting results. If you've been around me for a while you know that I am passionate about helping women live their dream lives. That's why I'll never increase the price of The Daily Affirmations Handbook and you can grab it here.

I've always used affirmations even before I even knew what they were. And I feel like I owe a lot of what has happened in my life to The Law of Attraction, Affirmations, and of course taking action.  I am going to share with you some of the things that helped me find success with affirmations.

Affirmations can be an exceptionally powerful tool to help you manifest all your desires. Nevertheless, if they aren't done correctly, they can be a complete waste of time.  The vital tip to finding success with your affirmations is to have an unshakeable confidence that what you are saying will happen.



Here are five tips that you can use to take your success with affirmations to the next level.

# 1  Be Specific

The more information you can include in your affirmations the more real it will become, and the more believable it is. Similar to when you are setting your goals, you must notify your Reticular Activating System what it is you want to achieve.  Be as specific as possible. When you can be specific with your affirmations, they can offer you the inspiration and opportunity to get what you want.

#2 Use Active Visualization

It isn't enough to simply read your affirmations off of a card and then quickly move onto the next one. You need to picture the affirmations. You need to read each affirmation and then invest a couple of minutes envisioning what it will resemble when the declaration is attained. Think of what you will see, what you will hear, what smells you'll experience, and what feelings you'll have about the achievement.

One of my dreams in life is to live at the beach.  Sometimes I visualize so vividly that I can actually hear the seagulls and taste the sand on my lips.  Often I feel as if I already live there and I just can't wait to go home.  I have photos of my dream beach house around my desk area and my home gym area.  I know that the more vivid my visualization the more real it becomes.


#3 Use Music for Inspiration

Music can be a powerful tool to use with your affirmations. When you read your affirmations, think about listening to some inspirational, stirring, or upbeat music. Listening to music can help to stir up the sensations inside you. It is your sensations that produce the internal vibrations that will eventually move you closer to your desires.

#4 Use Images

Make the effort to overlay your affirmations over some cute background images. If you aren't skilled in Photoshop, you can just take a look at appropriate images after you've read your statements out loud. Or check out Canva for free!  It's super easy to use and they have a ton of pictures you can use and fun fonts.

When you look at images that are congruent with your affirmations, it will create some excitement. This excitement will get your vibrations out into the universe to help you attract your wanted outcome.

#5 Believe That They've Already Been Accomplished

You always want to mention your affirmations in the present tense. For example, instead of saying, "I will slim down by the end of the month", say "I've reached my perfect weight with ease." With the Law of Attraction if you say "I wish to slim down", it hears the words "I want" and will leave you in a consistent state of 'wanting'.

Affirmations can work for you when done properly. Think about these pointers when you're developing your affirmations to be effective and manifest all your life's desires.

If you are not ready to make up your own affirmations, check out these all put together for you 😉


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