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Today almost escaped me. Does this happen to you?  I’ve noticed that the days where I skip my morning routine & jump straight into work, are the days where I am least productive.

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  • Less productive leads to a wasted day.
  • Which leads to a bad evening.
  • And when I have a bad evening I can’t be mindful during family time.

It’s so easy for me to let the day go this way. ? So I have to anchor myself to a solid morning routine and a solid evening routine.

Hit Refresh

Today, I caught myself spinning out of control, so I stopped what I was doing and ? hit refresh.

♥I did my morning workout (20 mins at least!),
♥took a shower,
♥got dressed,
♥did my makeup (whaaaat? I hardly ever do this but today was a makeup type of day)
♥Had my breakfast smoothie

Better Late Than Never

I usually do this from 7 am but it didn’t matter to me that I started at 10. What mattered is that I took action. I figured “better late than never”.  ♥♥It’s 12:30 now and I have accomplished more than I did all day yesterday!♥♥

Going forward today I’m going to tackle my business and personal to-do list and seize the day!?

How do you make sure to have a great day? What do you do when you catch yourself in a downward spiral?


Thanks for reading xoxo




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