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This is why you should prioritize self-care

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Self-Care is ...

Self-care refers to any activity that we engage in to maintain and nourish our health, including mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

While it may seem like an obvious concept, self-care often gets cast aside for more pressing priorities such as work, family, and the everyday pressures of life.

Here is why you should prioritize self-care though:

💖 Improves mood

Investing time in your own care can have a major impact on your mood, leading to greater optimism and positivity.

💖Helps relationships

Self-care helps you to be the best person you can be, which in turn has a positive impact on your relationships.

💖Decreases risk of burnout

We all lead busy lives and regular investment in self-care is necessary to avoid burnout. v

💖Makes you become more present

Spending time managing yourself allows you to become more present and engaged with your surroundings.

💖Better performance

Self-care is often seen as indulgent when in actual fact it can have a much broader impact.

💖Increases quality of life

By helping you to be healthier, have better relationships, and be more present, self-care allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

This is HOW to prioritize self-care

There are some small ways you can prioritize self-care.  Even if you are busy, find 5 to 10 minutes that you can have to yourself.  What will help you feel special and taken care of?  Is it reading a book? Listening to a podcast? Meditating? Taking a hot shower?

Just last month I bought a new loofah. A simple, nothing special loofah.  But that evening I felt so pampered and loved by simply spending a couple of bucks on a brand new loofah.

Self-care isn't neglecting your responsibilities.  It isn't even being selfish. Or indulgent.  Self-care is taking care of yourself so that you can give the best of yourself to the people you love.

Action Step:

Carve out 5 to 10 minutes today.  Make a daily date with yourself and keep it.  Do something for yourself.  Repeat. Enjoy :).

Self-care = love.  Do you agree?


May I Suggest ...

Happiness Through Self-Care eBook

Check out this book on self-care to learn more about ways to help yourself be the best version of yourself.

Happiness Through Self-Care: How To Love Yourself More. A Simple Plan to Soothe and Care For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

With this e-book you'll learn:

  • How to use loving-kindness meditation
  • How to use CBT to forget worries and silence your inner critic
  • How to use ‘positive self-talk’ to reaffirm your worth
  • Why you should take time out to pamper and groom yourself
  • How to overcome stress and anxiety
  • How to be kinder to yourself
  • How to practice gratitude to bring you into the present moment and help you to feel better
  • &  a lot more.

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