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Are you getting enough sleep?

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Do you believe you're getting enough sleep?  Maybe not. According to studies, most adults have been depriving themselves of the necessary amount of sleep. You may now believe that "half an hour less sleep won't hurt me." It does, particularly if this becomes habitual. Each half-hour or quarter-hour sleep deprivation each night adds up over time.

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You may believe that getting enough sleep the next night makes up for the lack of sleep the night before, but this is not the case.  What you owed the night before remains on your IOU list, which grows longer with each lack of sleep.

How much sleep is enough?

Although it varies depending on the individual, seven to eight hours of sleep is considered adequate for the average person. Younger people require more sleep than older people.

Sleep is essential for overall health and individual functionality, which is why you must reclaim your sleeping time if you have lost it. Here are some potential sleep robbers (or habits) to avoid in order to reclaim your sleeping time.

Check out this 8 Hour Rain Sound video to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

The habit of sleeping late usually begins subtly.

You don't even realize you're doing it at first, until it becomes a habit. Determine the root cause. If you can't pinpoint the exact reasons why you sleep late at night, chances are they are minor or scattered chores. Those little time-consuming things you do could be cut, and if you review them, the minutes (when accumulated) can add up to an hour or two that you could devote instead to something more important.

It's possible that you won't be able to make this change immediately; it would be better to make it gradually. It might be challenging to fall asleep all at once once you are able to retire earlier than usual due to the change in routine. This is only happening during the first few nights, so don't be alarmed. Once you've gotten used to your new routine, it will eventually become simpler for you to go to bed early.

Cut Back on sleep aids and alcohol.

Stop relying on drugs or alcohol that induce sleep to get you to sleep. These aids may cause you to lose consciousness more quickly, but they can also disrupt your sleep cycle by causing frequent wakeful periods.

Try this strategy if a worry prevents you from falling asleep.

Write your concerns on a piece of paper large enough to accommodate them and a pen (a marker would be preferable). Put it on your nightstand or attach it to the wall with tape. It's the equivalent of taking off your robe before going to bed because you never sleep with one on. Put the paper in the trash in the morning. Sounds simple, but for some people, it works.

Is your phone the reason why you don't get enough sleep?

A phone cell phone by the bed can be very useful, especially in an emergency. However, it can also be excruciatingly annoying, especially if it is set to loudly ring. Get your phone out of your ear. Set it to silent if you must keep it. Depending on your industry or profession, having a phone available for late-night calls may or may not be crucial. You would be better off without it during the night if its importance were to fall short of its presence. The number of nights you are awakened by beeps and notifications may not be worth that once in a lifetime call that you consider to be an emergency.

8 Hours Rain Sounds for a Deep and Relaxing Sleep - Black Screen

Every now and then we need a little help going into sleep. I know I do. So I created this relaxing rain sound video to help you sleep.  Enjoy a peaceful view of the rain in the first minute to help you get settled into bed. The screen will go black after 1 minute.  If you like this video, please like and subscribe 🙂

Good night!

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