gotta love myself affirmations to remind you you are amazing

Affirmations that keep me going when I feel I can’t

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A part of loving myself is remembering I am human.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days? Where everything is going wrong and it's all because of the little mistakes you made or dropping the ball? Then you feel so crappy about letting things get so bad?


I've had too many of those days. I found these amazing affirmations that help me remember I am human and deserve compassion from myself. I have faith they will help you too.


At first, it may feel odd to be saying these things to yourself but hang in there. Just say these affirmations, accept them, let them sink in and repeat as needed.


We are lovely, amazing ladies who need a freaking break every now and then. If we don't get recognition, acceptance or forgiveness from ourselves, we won't be able to receive that from others.


Have a great week and let me know in the comment section if these affirmations helped. Also, share your favorite quotes or affirmations that get you through a lousy day.


Thanks for reading & I love you so much.



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gotta love myself affirmations to remind you you are amazing

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