gotta love myself. weight loss documentary

I’m losing weight … for real this time.

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A part of loving myself is becoming a healthy me.

It took me MONTHS to gather to courage to make this journey.  I have been stuck in a weight-loss cycle since I was 13.  I am done with that.

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In August 2019 I decided to start a documentary to track my weight loss journey.  I started filming some of my workouts, taking pictures of what I ate and even started 'vlogging'.


I never posted anything to YouTube.  I was too afraid.  What if I don't lose the weight?  What if I just make a fool of myself? What about the critics or the trolls?  Also, why am I so set on making this struggle a public one?


The last question is actually my main motivator.


I started Gotta Love Myself to prompt other women to remember to love themselves too.  This blog hasn't been all that active because somewhere along the way I also stopped loving myself.


In the next few posts I'll go over my struggles in 2019 and also over some questions to get you thinking about the relationship you have with yourself.  I'll posts quotes that motivate me, lyrics that move me, and anything I feel others can benefit from.


Weight Loss Documentary

In December I had a long talk with myself about my fear of following through with my journey and documentary.  I decided to post anyway.  Post even if I end up not losing weight.  Maybe I don't lose weight but I adopt healthier habits.  Maybe I find self love again.  And maybe I'll find my soul sisters.


So here is my first video.  I had to cut a lot out since I was rambling but I'm making a 'random thoughts' playlist. These videos have been recorded since Sept 2019 and some from as early as 2011.  I'm also going to be posting newer/current videos as I go along.


In this blog I want to inspire you and push you to love yourself.  All I can do is ask questions and you have to find your own answer.  I want to build a little community where you can find an anchor when you feel lost, overwhelmed, tired, or just un-loved.


For me, my main issue is weight loss, for you it may be something entirely different.  It could be co-dependence, it could be having a bad habit you can't shake or simply a reminder that you are an amazing person and you just need to give yourself a break when you make mistakes.  I don't want this to be just about weight loss.


We all have to start with self-love before we can love anyone else.  But you don't have to start this journey on your own.  We are all in this together.


PS.  I know I'll never stop obsessing about weight loss but I want to at least direct my obsessive thoughts and behavoir towards healthier things like recipes, workouts, quotes, community, new frienships and adventures.


Thanks for reading. I love you so much.



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gotta love myself. weight loss documentary

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