Meal Prepping for Weight Loss Success

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Meal Prepping for Success

Meal Prepping for weight loss success.

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One of the top excuses/reasons I hear from people I talk to is that they don't have time to cook healthy meals.  I also hear that healthy food is expensive.  Let me start with the latter one because there is an easy way to make healthy food less expensive.

Tips for affordable healthy foods and meal prepping:

  1. Do not buy pre-cut or pre-packaged fruits or veggies.   You know, those bags of romaine lettuce or mixed greens that cost between $2 to $5 can really add up.  Instead, buy the lettuce you like, wash and cut it yourself.
  2. Skip the middle aisles of the grocery store.  If a food is truly healthy, it doesn't come in a box.  Do you ever notice how you will never see an ad campaign for broccoli but you get bombarded with ad campaigns for processed 'healthy foods'?  There are many easy recipes for overnight oats. Protein bar recipes and anything else you may be tempted to pick up from the middle part of the store you can make yourself at home.
  3. If your health is truly a priority, you will make the time to plan and prep. This alone will save you a lot of money making healthy foods affordable.   What costs you money is the convenience of food makers doing the prepping for you.  Remember that to have a longer shelf life, those foods must have additives and processed chemicals your body doesn't need.  I'm not here to tell you to cut out ALL processed foods. But I definitely need to warn you to be mindful of what you eat if you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

Making the time for meal prepping:

Meal prepping doesn't have to be an all-day ordeal.  It can be as easy as washing your produce and pre-cutting it to keep it ready for a quick dinner or lunch.  Prepping your food is easier once you have a meal plan in place.  If you know you will have chicken breast, veggies, and rice for lunch every day, then take a few extra minutes and throw everything in the oven and rice cooker so while you cut your veggies your healthy lunches are being prepared.

Once your lunch is cooked, simply store it in containers and freeze.  You can also pre-cook your dinners for the week and freeze them.  But you will need more time to do so.

When you plan and prep your meals you are setting yourself up for success.  There will be fewer excuses to eat junk or take-out. And you will save yourself from regrets later not to mention you will save a few bucks.

Once you make up your mind that you want to take care of your health, you will make the time and make your health a priority.

If you want to know exactly what you should eat based on your personal goals send me a message so we can work on your personal meal recommendation.  The meal recommendations I create for my clients are based on the foods they love, on their goals, and on their age, weight, and body measurements.

White Chicken Chili Recipe

I have a delicious simple 15-minute dinner recipe for you today. This White Chicken Chili is a great way to use leftover chicken. You also can make it with turkey.


The best part about this recipe is the variety. You can eat it as-is or top it with diced avocado, shredded cheese, and/or chopped cilantro – or any of your other favorite chili toppings.


TIP: If you have more time, you can add more vegetables by sautéing onions, carrots, celery, etc. in olive oil in the pot before you add the rest of the ingredients.


5 Ingredient White Chicken Chili

(serves 4)


• 4 cups (950 ml) low-sodium stock (chicken or vegetable)

• 4 cups (600 g) cooked shredded chicken (or 2 boneless breasts)

• 2 (15-ounce) cans pinto or great northern beans, drained and rinsed

• 16 oz (425 g) jar of salsa verde

• 2 tsp ground cumin


Combine all the ingredients in a large pot and bring to a simmer at medium-high heat. When it starts to bubble, turn the heat down to medium-low and let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Pour into bowls and top with whatever you like.

As always, tag me in a photo if you make this one, or leave a comment and tell me how you made it your own!

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