Breaded Tilapia Recipe & Air Fryer Fries

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Last week in Texas we were hit with a bad, terrible, no-good storm. Many of us lost power for days. Some others lost water for days. Stores ran out of food. Trucks weren’t equipped to drive to deliver groceries. It was pretty bad.

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Yes, I get it. People up north are used to the weather and possibly go through worse each year. However…in Texas, we are prepared to live through 120-degree weather. We are prepared for heat…not cold, ice, and snow.

City of Round Rock
? City of Round Rock – It was a gorgeous sight (When we weren’t in the dark freezing.)

Since I am on a strict budget trip I skipped my weekly grocery the week before. I knew the storm was coming but we had plenty of food in our freezer and pantry. And I am very smart when it comes to meal planning…WRONG!

I quickly ran out of snacks and perishables pretty quickly. The thing about stress is that we, in my house, stress eat. I did put rules into place. I was the only one allowed in the kitchen but people still snuck in and ate random things.

So I was left with a handful of random ingredients but let me tell you… I became very creative for dinners. We had delicious foods I had never thought of making before and we enjoyed trying new things out!

Since I still have some food, I decided to wait on groceries until Wednesday. I know there are families that need the groceries more than we do, so I am still playing Chopped.

Tonight, it is Tilapia and Shrimp with french fries and veggies. We are out of protein in the freezer so I have to make this the best meal yet until we are able to buy more protein tomorrow. (IF we can find some lol)

I know this is not technically a new idea, but it is for us here. We usually bake the tilapia and throw the potatoes in the air fryer. But tonight, I am going to amp it up a bit. Make it a bit more fancy than usual.

Breaded Tilapia

Breaded tilapia
Breaded tilapia

I hardly ever make breaded tilapia. I’m usually trying to find ways to cut off excess carbs but tonight we are being fancy!

I mixed salt, powdered garlic, parmesan cheese, adobo, paprika, and spray butter with the breading. Usually, you beat an egg and dip the tilapia in the egg before coating it. But because eggs are precious and rare to find right now, I skipped the egg. Instead, I left the tilapia soaking in water. So when I coat it in the breading, the breading sticks to it.

Stick it in the oven at 350 for about 20 mins. You can flip them halfway through but I didn’t. Halfway through I pulled them out to add some lemon juice. This was an amazing dinner!

You can turn them into tilapia tacos or eat them as is. We had leftover salad shrimp and coated them with only the seasoning. They came out so delicious and a bit spicy. But it was a winner!

All in all, I learned a few great lessons. That necessity truly is the mother of invention. That I have a lot more to be grateful for than I ever knew. And that we are very lucky to have survived a harsh winter. You laugh….but we were fish out of water for a week 🙂

Thanks for reading!

PS: I coated the fries with parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and paprika then threw it in the air fryer for 20 mins at 400. Mmmmuah!

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