When was the last time you cleaned out your digital files?

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Cleaning out my digital files and getting ready for the New Year

I know I recently posted a blog about cleaning out your digital files.  Believe me, I thought I had done it all, but I quickly forgot exactly how much more I needed to do.

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This morning I decided to clean out my laptop and move all my documents to my external hard drive.  I use the Western Digital Portable Drive, it’s pretty old from 2015 GASP!  Technologically speaking it is almost as old as a dinosaur.  

From there I thought I would merge files into my external e: drive on my main PC.  I still have plenty of space and this way I can get rid of duplicate files.  This weekend I installed additional 4 GB of ram to help speed up my video editing (Sony Vegas) and to upgrade my photo editor. (Corel Paint Shop Pro).  I also upgraded my antivirus and internet security by installing 360 Norton 2018.  I know I’m getting a bit off track but believe me when I say, “I clean the computer” I mean inside, outside and everywhere in between.  I mean, my PC is my tool, if I were a cab driver I would maintain my car as best as I could.  

Anyway, so I started merging files, deleting duplicates and even unearthing old ideas I had saved aside for “someday”.  I’m nowhere near done, I still have a ton to clean up!  But it’s great to do this cleaning ritual every once in awhile, and in the process, I get to re-discover old projects.

Going into this task I had to trick myself into not thinking and just ‘doing’.  Now that I’m halfway through, I can finally admit I was a bit overwhelmed but I’m doing it until the end.  Even though I have worked on a  few baby steps I feel so accomplished and proud.  I’m looking into getting a terabyte of cloud storage for pictures and such thus freeing some much-needed space.

When was the last time you cleaned your digital files?  If you’re in the process of cleaning out your PC/laptop/smartphone, I know how you feel, and remember  “You can do it!”  Don’t give up.

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