Social Media Marketing… driving you nuts?

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How do you use social media to your advantage? Are you nailing it or is it nailing you? When do you have time to update your status updates, tweets, pins, instapics, youtube videos, etc? Where are you the most active? Why are you hyperventilating??

Don’t worry, I used to feel just as overwhelmed as you are feeling now but luckily I found a way to help ease this task. I mean social media is supposed to make our lives easier but now on top of actually running our business we have to worry about seo’s, ads, social media marketing and analytics and stuff. I found a pretty cool formula that can help you save time AND reach out to your followers and constantly be present in their feeds. Are you ready for this? Ok here we go!

First, you have to be very selective and only choose the social media platforms that are good for you AND your company. Is Pinterest really useful to you? How about Twitter? In order to decide all that you have to know who your customer or target is and where they hang out. Once you know it’s time to choose a few platforms that make sense to you.

Got it? Good, let’s move on. What I have been doing on my blog for Texas Actors is video (vlogs that I post on YouTube). What if YouTube (videos) aren’t pertinent to my company? It’s ok but consider this, would webinars or online conferences be pertinent? What if you start recording those sessions? Would any of that content be helpful towards marketing your company? If the answer is still no, don’t worry. We are on the hunt for time saving social media marketing hacks and here is the biggest help you’ll have: if you don’t want to do videos then simply record your thoughts. That’s right. Take a moment to record your thoughts or advice you may have for your customers. Potential customers and customers all want more from you than just your services. If you have quality material you can give them offer that to them in the form of a blog. But this isn’t extra work for you.

1. Record by video or voice quality content that can be used as a blog for your target audience or your customers.
2. Send that recording or video to an audio/video editor/savvy virtual assistant to finish the product.
3. Send that finished product to a transcriber.
4. Either the transcriber or a virtual assistant can edit the material and format it as a blog in the proper layout.
5. Several quotes or snippets from that blog can be used in social media to help keep you stay current and present.  HINT: Use Hootlet!
6. Strong quotes can be used in social media as call to action links to bring in new visitors.
7. Images will be superimposed with relevant texts from the blog by the virtual assistant to help with your Instagram or Pinterest and other visual platforms.
8. Post the video or audio with a slideshow on YouTube, again the virtual assistant will handle this for you.
9. Watch your social media platforms work for you instead of nailing you.

Remember: The purpose of social media marketing is to bring the customers and target to your website to raise awareness and eventually win their business!

All this has been done with only an hour or so of your time. All you have to do in this beautiful plan is record yourself or your voice giving people your valuable advice and opinions. That is all! The rest is taken care for you by a small team of virtual assistants. I know that you might want to do it all and take care of everything but there is just not enough time in the day to do it all. You shouldn’t have to either.

Now that you know my secret I want to know if you plan on doing some or all of this. I’m very interested to know what platforms YOU use for your business. I want to know if you have already been doing some of these tips and what has worked or not worked.

Remember, family and your health are far more important than working yourself to the bone, don’t let this technology crush you. Technology can be a beautiful thing and even more gorgeous if you use it right…without it we wouldn’t have savvy virtual assistants to help keep you sane 😉

Good luck and let me know how it goes!!!

nancy valdez


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