Is no one reading your blog? This could be why.

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After taking my advice you decided to start a blog.   Good for you!  Watch your business start to grow and attract potential clients.  But after setting up your analytics and making sure your blog is SEO-solid, you still have no readers.

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Welcome to the club. You are probably like many bloggers in the early stages.  Not many visitors are sticking around and reading your posts, and here’s why:

1. You’re not writing about something people find helpful.

There are already a bazillion blog posts out there on the same topic you are blogging about. Unless you have a niche. Provide value to the one person you are talking to, and you'll attract more flies.

Writing to busy moms who work from home is too broad.  But writing to busy moms who work from home and are also potty training, is more niche.  (Adjust this to your own industry/business.  I am picturing a business that sells potty training books or lessons here.)

Write about more specific topics that carry value for the readers who are searching for that into Google.


2. You’re not opening doors.

Backlinks are essential to your blog.  Backlinks are links to your site that come from other people’s blogs or websites. There are many ways you can get this done.

A really good way to do this is just to get together with other businesses and do some guest posts.   Make sure that you can put some links to your site on there.


3. You’re not building relationships.

Make sure you have a way for readers to contact you.  You can have a contact button on your website or a link to your social media.

If you are consistent on your blogging and alerting social media connections of your new posts, you can get streams of traffic to your site. The overall idea is to get recurring and loyal readers.

Include a newsletter subscription pop-up or link to your blog so you can build your email list. This is a great way to reach out to your readers.

4. Your site doesn’t look good.

If your website is hard to read, disorganized, or worse, not mobile-friendly, you'll have a very high bounce rate on your analytics.  I don't think I have to stress that hard to read fonts and colors should be left out.  A business blog should be easy to read and professionally put together.  You can have a fun professional website but don't overdo it.


5. You think you are Shakespeare.

Talk to your audience the way you would talk to them if you were sitting across from each other.  Don’t try to get to literary with your posting, unless that is what your audience is expecting.

Punctuate your words by using pictures.  Make sure to use short sentences and small paragraphs.

Make it easy for people to read and follow your blog post.  Also, touching back on SEO, the sweet spot for form length is over 2,000.  But the people reading your blog post don't have that type of time.

So make it short and sweet.  Write for your audience, not SEO bots.

In this article alone I have broken a lot of SEO rules, but it doesn't matter.  I wanted to communicate to you what could potentially be hurting your blog bounce rate.  So, if you get the message that is gooe enough for me.  I don't need to worry about SEO today.


A lot of business owners don't have time to sit each week and create a new post. This is where virtual assistants come in!  You get the benefit of having content roll out without you having to slave to this marketing medium.  While someone is putting your blog posts together you are doing what you do best.

In recent months I've had to hire virtual assistants to help me when my workload started piling up.   But now that I have more time on my hands I'm back to it.  If you are looking for some help, check out Fiverr.  That's where I go when I need an extra set of hands. Or a voice-over guy.  Or a book cover graphic designer.  Or a video editor. 🙂


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Thanks for reading and I hope that these 5 blogging tips help you get more readers and lower bounce rate.


Questions? Comments? Let me know. Okay, thanks byeee!

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