How to Set Up Scheduled Emails on Mail Chimp

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Mail Chimp has saved me and all of my clients that use it over and over again. If you are looking for an email service that is easy to use with reports easy to read, you have picked the right service.

Suppose you have a promotion or event coming up and you are collecting emails left and right with the intention of sending a mass email later, you will need to know this basic task.

Obviously, it is much better to outsource this type of task to someone else, but you should also know how it works in the event that outsourcing is not in your budget just yet.

Before we get to the steps, may I just say that if you publish blog posts and send weekly or monthly newsletters this scheduling feature will be a God-send for you.  What I usually do is take my laptop to the public library (fewer distractions and 0 noise), carve out about 3 hours to pre-schedule my email campaigns for the quarter.  As I schedule my MailChimp emails, I also schedule Facebook posts that correspond to the email I am sending.  In addition, I make the graphics I will be using that week/month on Canva.

Ok, now on to the steps.

The Steps

Click on "Create Campaign"

Click on "Email"
Name your campaign and click "begin"
You will need to add your recipients from your subscriber list.  Then fill in the 'from' fields.  You want to create a catchy subject line that will guarantee a click from your subscribers. Finally, you want to create your content.
Here you select a template, I choose a very basic one.  I tend to go for clean and simple templates.
Once you are done creating your content, click "Schedule".
Select the date and time then click "Schedule Campaign".
Check that the campaign has been set for the correct time/date and you're done!


After I schedule my email campaigns, I like to go to Facebook and schedule posts that correspond to the content in these emails.  It helps me reach out to my followers even if they are not on my email list.


If you have any tasks you need help learning, let me know so I can write a blog about it!


Thanks for reading!


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