How to set up a Facebook Page for your new business

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Facebook keeps changing the way they do things, aaaahhhhhh! Don't worry about it. If you have a solid blog or website you have nothing to fear. Social media is just a vehicle to drive your leads to your website, social media is not the destination.  You may have heard others talk about how Facebook changes the way the public views updates or notifications from business pages but don't worry, you should still create a page and as long as you don't depend on that page 100% for your business, you'll be fine.

Why should I create a Facebook Page for my business?

Having a Facebook page for your business on top of your website helps you in several ways.

  1. Your audience reach is greater.
  2. You can lead potential customers to your website or email list from Facebook.
  3. Most people hang out on social media, depending on your target market, your leads are hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other sites.
  4. Facebook has advertising and marketing capabilities.  When working in tandem with Google or Bing ads, Facebook ads can be a great lead generator.

Should I create a profile, a page or a group? What is the difference?

A Facebook profile is great for those whose business relies on the person behind the business.  For example, a motivational speaker would benefit more from a profile rather than just a Facebook page.  I will have to warn, however, that profiles are not able to create ads but you can create ads if you have a business page attached to that profile.  In reality, profiles are geared towards individuals rather than businesses.

On the other hand Facebook Page allows you to create your business page allowing you choose a template that will better suit your type of business.  If you sell products online, you can select a template that showcases your products to include photos and descriptions.  If you sell a service, you'll have access to a template that showcases your experience and service information.  Also, as mentioned before your business page will the capability of creating ongoing ads or short ad campaigns.  One of my clients just recently earned a profit of $700 in under 7 days spending only $30 using Facebook ads!

Finally, a Facebook group is for anyone or any business that wants to create a community with like-minded individuals or clients.  Many businesses use Facebook groups to add value to their services.  For example, a weight loss clinic may open a private Facebook Group in which only paying customers may access the community.  In it, they may share easy weight loss recipes, advice, motivation or even Q&A videos.  Having a Facebook group is a great idea for businesses that offer a service.  Some businesses choose to have a public Facebook group to allow potential clients to see the value the company offers in an effort to entice the potential client to sign up or become a paying customer.


The Steps

On your profile page, go to the top right corner and select the down arrow.

From the list, select "Create Page".

Enter your business information.

You can add your address and select 'do not show address' if you work from home.

Click continue.

Upload your business profile picture or logo.

Add your business cover & click Save

You are all done!


The process of creating a new Facebook Page is very easy.  You don't have to rush to fill in the blanks but if you already have the information go ahead and set up your page.



  • Continue your branding by incorporating the same pictures from your website and by using the same logo across your social media sites.
  • Share your new page with everyone on your Facebook Friends list.
  • Start scheduling Facebook posts so that your posts aren't dated all at the same time.
  • Think of what type of channel your post will be.  Will it be a motivational page, a funny page, an informative page, or a mixture?  Will you include personal details or showcase employee wins?
  • Create a schedule and marketing plan for your new page and play around with it until you find something that works for you.


Congratulations on your new page and share your Facebook Page link in the comments section.  Let us see what you've created!

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