How to Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Business Page

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The other day while I was going on and on about what an amazing email service Mail Chimp is, I briefly mentioned that I like to schedule posts for Facebook.

Woah! Is that magic??

No love, it is simply a publishing tool within Facebook that many of my clients didn't realize they had until they met me.

The way I use Facebook publishing/scheduling is mostly to promote any future events for my clients, any scheduled MailChimp email campaigns, any promotions my clients are having, and even holiday greetings post such as 4th of July and of course Christmas.

Side Note: Just because we have scheduled Facebook posts for the future, does not mean that we stop popping in daily to sprinkle the occasional meme, reminders, shout out, etc. If you only schedule the future posts you will not have as much action from your followers as you would like.

Back to the point. We schedule the posts during the high peaks for that particular industry. For example for the electrical blog I run, we schedule posts from 4 pm to 9 pm. We also sprinkle some posts at 5 to 6 am. This is when most of the electricians we target are social media active. I created a spreadsheet for my clients that will list the date, time and post that was scheduled, that way it is easy to eye-ball. Oh, and it's color-coded. I can show you all that later.

(aren't you sad that I'm not available for freelancing?) JK JK. You can do all of this yourself, it's easy!

BUT if you are ready to outsource this type of thing, there are many available and almost just as talented VAs out there. Here is a link to Fivver to give you a headstart.

Back to ...

The Steps

Go to your Facebook Page, locate the "Publishing Tools" tabs & click on it.

From there, you will locate & click the "Scheduled Posts" tab.
You can see I have not scheduled any posts on my page, but
my client's page looks like this...
Click on the "+Create" button.
A text box will pop up.  Enter the text you want to post.  You can add pictures, videos, links, emojis and more.
At the bottom right corner, you have a "Schedule" button along with a drop-down arrow.  
Simply click on the "Schedule" button, you will not need the drop-down menu.
A calendar and hour/minute box will pop up.  Select the future date and time you want your post to be published.
Once you select the date and time, click on "Schedule" again.
Double check your "Scheduled Posts" page to see that your future post has been scheduled.  I always check the date and time in case I made a mistake.  If everything looks good to you, you may go ahead and schedule another post!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  If you have any questions or a different way of scheduling posts, leave a comment in the box below!  If you have a request and need me to show you how to do something tell me! I'd love to help.


P.S. Yes, I was being silly and scheduled a "Happy New Year" message for August.  =)

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