Having Trouble with Late Night Eating?

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Are you someone who gets massive cravings for all the naughty stuff late at night?

You know those chips and chocolates?

In these next few months, I am bringing to you my new habits and sharing with you some hacks that worked for me during my 8-week transformation in detail.  I lost about 25 pounds by changing a few things in my daily routine. I haven’t even gotten started on the hard part – weight lifting and cardio – but that is coming up soon.

In my quest to bring to you a relatable and realistic way to lose extra fat, I am going to share with you exactly how I lost 25 pounds earlier this year.

For now I want to shine the light on something I was very guilty of doing- late night snacking:

  • when you are craving something you know you shouldn’t be eating late at night, go on ? MOM Mode with yourself!

You wouldn’t let your kiddo indulge when he/she is getting ready for bed right?

? So what do you say? You say
“Yes. I can have that piece of chocolate, but not tonight.” Then eat your chocolate earlier the next day and watch your portions.  OR if you really want to stop eating junk altogether, simply remind yourself – “I don’t eat that. The sugar content in this (or whatever it is) inflames my gut and I will feel terrible in the morning.”

If you pay attention to your body after you eat certain foods, you’ll be able to see that most ‘junk foods’ do make us feel ill.  We just ignore those symptoms because that means we have to give up what we are eating.

I am lactose intolerant but love LOVE ice cream ?. I won’t buy dairy-free ice cream; otherwise, I know I will polish off the tub in one day. So instead, I remind myself that the ice cream in the freezer is not for me. My belly hurts when I eat it. End of story. ?

It takes some practice, but after a few days of this, over time, you won’t be fighting yourself as much as you used to. And voila! I new habit has been transformed.

I hope this helps!

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