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Embracing My Journey to Body Confidence

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Body Confidence Edition: A letter from the editor

Editor-in-Chief/Coach Nancy

Welcome to the special Body Confidence edition of the magazine "Gotta Love Myself." I am very excited, and I'm feeling a little bit vulnerable sharing my personal journey, but I think it's essential to share our journeys so we can learn from each other and inspire each other. I feel that body confidence is vital because a lot of us think about how we look or dislike certain things about ourselves, and this resonates with me so much because the vast majority of my adult life and a lot of my teenage years, if not all of them, I spent hating this and that about me.

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Now, I understand that I could have done a lot more, but I held myself back because of how I felt.

The Struggle with Body Image

We all have personal experiences and struggles related to body image, but I feel that if I share mine, then maybe others will find a way to start working on this issue on their own or get the courage to seek a life coach or a therapist if needed, so they can start accepting and loving themselves.

Media and societal expectations have played a part in this, but we are at a time when we are actually changing all of that. We are doing that right now as I write this. The Barbie movie just came out, and it emphasizes being perfect just the way you are. So, start accepting that about yourself.

The Turning Point

I had worked for so long to try to be the size that I thought I needed to be. I even certified as a personal trainer to train myself to be the ideal size I felt I should be.

However, what I learned when I received my certification was that my body is already amazing. It has endured injuries like a broken foot, childbirth, and illnesses, and it has always bounced back. I realized I needed to stop hating it and start appreciating it more, doing things that would make my body last longer and stay healthy.

Once I understood that my body never let me down, but I was letting myself down by going on crazy diets and exercise routines, paying attention to what the media was throwing in my face, I started a journey of self-discovery. I began appreciating who I am, overcoming self-doubts and negative thoughts and started thinking of ways to reroute those thoughts and be nicer to myself, appreciating my body's strength as well. But that came after I worked on my inside, and then about 3 or 4 years later, I started working on accepting my body.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

I created a group on Facebook because I couldn't find anything like that before. There are so many fitness groups on Facebook and everywhere else, but there's still nothing focused on whole-body acceptance. It's all about weight loss and challenges. I wanted to see real-life women being vulnerable, real, and authentic. I wanted to see other women on the same journey of just trying to be healthy and do the best they can with who they are and the body they have.

It's about evolving the perspective on beauty and how it goes beyond physical appearance, emphasizing the value of self-worth and its connection to body confidence. There are imperfections, and we should see them as part of our beauty.

We're going to give you lots of tips and insights on how accepting your imperfections can actually be empowering.

Magazine Goals

The goal of this magazine is to create a safe space, and in this issue, we'll focus on women's health. We'll talk about mental spaces, and I want this to be a safe and supportive space for you. Each month we will dive into a topic that will help us grow, evolve, and transform into the woman we each were meant to be.

The magazine will have different sections on beauty, mental wellness, physical health, nutrition, recipes, and some fun tidbits and information that you may not know.

I want to help you feel confident and worthy of self-love because you are worth it.

The magazine is free, and you can support it by shopping through my affiliate ads or supporting any sponsors on my page. You can also help by engaging with my social media, liking, sharing, and watching YouTube videos. That will enable me to keep making more content, more digital magazines, and more articles that can help you and many others. You can also help me by sending me questions or things you want to read about.

I am very grateful that you are joining me on this journey.

Again, body confidence and self-acceptance are huge parts of transforming our lives from self-doubt and negativity to finally allowing us to become free and follow the life we've always wanted.

So, I encourage you to embrace your bodies and yourselves just as you are. Yes, we will make minor tweaks to make it even better—healthier, faster, stronger, more glowing, and more radiant—but you don't have to change anything about what makes you you.

Regarding my credentials, I hold NASM certifications as a Master Life Coach, a Women's Fitness Specialist, a Personal Trainer, and a Nutrition Coach.

I am the producer, the writer, the editor-in-chief—I am everything—the creator, the trainer, and the coach in this magazine, "Gotta Love Myself." If you would like to collaborate, I would very much love to talk to you, and thanks for being here.

Thank you so much for reading, and welcome to this new journey.


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