Eat Your Vegetables Challenge – Are you with me?

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I'm having the hardest time making myself eat vegetables this year. Wth??! I know I need them but 🤢

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When I was a little girl I used to hate all and all sorts of vegetables. My mom would sneak them into the rice and other foods. I couldn't stand the taste of raw or cooked veggies. Bleh.

Sometimes I would actually get sick after eating them! I know it sounds like I was being a dramatic little brat. But something just didn't sit well with me.  So I grew up avoiding all the veggies except for onions and jalapenos. Are those even considered veggies?

Then flash forward to when I was pregnant with my kid, I knew I needed to eat veggies to help her develop healthily.

This was such a huge task for me! But thankfully I tried a few veggies at a time and stuck to the ones I didn't mind eating. In the end, I still didn't eat as much as I feel I needed.

Miraculously my kid has loved vegetables since the moment she could eat pureed foods! WTH?? To this day she would rather eat a bowl of raw veggies than meat or poultry. Bleh...where did she get this from? I try to be a good role model and not be vocal about my dislike for veggies but I have a limit! lol

The burnout

About 4 years ago, I hired personal trainer Rafael (now at Rafael PT Fitness) to help me lose weight. He gave me a meal recommendation and basically had me add a serving of vegetables to all of my meals.

Luckily he asked me for a list of foods I actually like so I didn't get stuck eating vegetables I hate 🙏. So I followed that meal recommendation down to every food and ounce and I lost weight! (Along with my many hours of workouts per week). But because I followed that for about a year I got burnt out on vegetables and now I can't stand the sight of them!

The benefits outweigh my dislike

But I have asthma and veggies are so good for that. Also for everything else like weight loss, energy, vitamins, minerals. I also have bipolar and veggies are most definitely extremely beneficial because of the vitamins and minerals. So not only do I need to eat veggies, but I also need to eat a lot MORE of them.


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Oh and to top it off, I'm constantly dehydrated even though I drink a gallon of water. every. single. day! It turns out that I have been flushing my electrolytes. Since I don't eat fruit and veggies, I don't get enough electrolytes, and the ones I do get don't stick around because the water flushes them out!!

I strongly believe that in order to get the full benefits of what vegetables and fruits bring to me I should stick to consuming fruits and veggies by only eating them. So I do not want to try supplements, caplets, vitamins, pre-made drinks, powders, etc.

The Challenge Begins Today

For the next few days, I am going to challenge myself to swap out some very unhealthy snacks for fruits and veggies. I'm also going to add veggies to every single meal and drinks like smoothies.  The main reason for this challenge is to help regulate my bipolar disorder, my asthma, and my electrolyte deficiency. The secondary reason is to drop the quarantine 15!

So if you want to join me in this challenge let me know! We can swap ideas, recipes or just hold each other accountable. I know I am going to need all the help I can get! This is going to be tough but definitely doable.

P.S. To join this challenge with me, send me a message! I can put a FB group together so we can chat and share ideas, hacks, and our progress!

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