Cleaning pet fur

Dealing with Dog Fur is a Battle – Here Are Some Tips on How to Stay on Top of it

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I have a cute white fluffy dog. I love her. But I do not love her furballs. She is a 9-year-old half Chow-Chow, half Chihuahua. I call her a Chowhuahua.

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Cleaning after pet fur

She inherited her Chow-Chow coat and oh boy does she shed. We battle her fur year-round.

She is the most well-behaved, loving, adorable, lady dog I’ve ever met. So giving her away has never been an option for me. Instead, I pulled up my sleeves and came up with a plan.

My home has a mixture of tile, carpet, rugs, and laminate flooring. And I have tried so many methods to stay on top of the shedding. Here are the ones that I use on the regular that actually do the job.

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A Robot Named Lucy.

I bought Lucy as a present for myself for my birthday three years ago and I have no regrets. Well, just one. I wish I had bought one that empties itself but that’s minor.

Lucy is a Roomba and she is scheduled to run every other day. She only cleans the laminate and tiles because my carpet is a bit too much for her. So the fur stays even after she goes over it. If your home is mostly carpet, I would not recommend this option.

I love Lucy – she is a lifesaver!

Also, since all of our phone chargers are in our bedrooms, she gets tangled up. So we just don’t let her in our rooms anymore.

I’m very lazy so I love the app she came with. I can control her with a few taps from somewhere else. Even from the couch when she starts to work but I’m in the middle of a webinar or a call.

She can get a bit loud. So if you have a baby or pets make sure vacuum sounds don’t spook them. My dogs don’t get spooked, they just get annoyed at her intrusion.

Vacuum Stick

I bought this vacuum stick at Big Lots a few years ago. I really wanted to cordless one but I am so glad I didn’t go that way. I’ve had experiences where cordless vacuums don’t hold much charge. This vacuum is corded but I use an extension cord when I need to and it’s all good. It helps me clean up balls of fur in corners that Lucy couldn’t clean. Also, I keep in the kitchen to help me clean up quickly after cooking, etc.

This vacuum turns into a handheld so I use it on my couches too. I don’t allow my pets on the furniture but her fur is so light it floats everywhere.


I clean my tile and laminate with Fabuloso. It helps it smells so ‘Fabuloso’ and the fur doesn’t stick to the floor, which makes it easier for Lucy to pick up. TBH I don’t mop the floors too often.

Regular Vacuum – Pet Edition

My carpets would be so disgusting if it wasn’t for this vacuum. We have the older model but it works perfectly fine.

The bedrooms and the rugs get vaccumed every few days to get the fur. I try not to let Luna in our bedrooms but she’s too darn cute so in she goes.


Brushing & Cleaning

Luna loves to be brushed and groomed. She hates water. She’s actually terrorized by water because of an incident she had as a puppy. But with regular brushing, she doesn’t need to bathe too often.

She has a thick undercoat and most dogs need a deep brushing especially when the seasons change. I use this rake to get the undercoat.  I typically do the undercoat once a month but I think I should it more often.

Once that is gone, her coat sparkles. Then I finish it off with regular brushing every other day.
For the finale, she gets extra love with these gloves.  They are so soft and helps remove anything the rake and the brush left.

It’s worth the work

Anyway, I wanted to share my crazy dog fur cleaning routine in case you need ideas.

It took me years to finally find a method that works for me. It’s a lot of work. But she’s my sweet girl and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

If you are looking into adopting a dog, please make sure that you are up for the upkeep.

I didn’t have a say on this pup, my ex adopted her on impulse and after the divorce a year later he left her with me. I didn’t have the heart to give her away because my kiddo was already attached and all Luna had known since she was 3 months old was us.

So here we are.

Thanks for reading!

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