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Day Trip to Ingram TX – Stonehenge II Site

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I have a box with my journals in it sitting in my closet.  Even though I gave myself the task of going through them to create a bucket list, I have to admit I’m too afraid to go there.

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The past was a series of life lessons learned the hard way and I am worried I might read something that might trigger me.

I’m debating whether I should just listen to my heart and make a bucket list based on what I think I remember wanting.  However, if I do this, then I have a chance of missing something I wrote down years ago and might never do it.

While I go back and forth I managed to cross off an item from my list.  Well, this item is more of an on-going wish so it isn’t crossed off completely.

I live in Texas.  Texas is huge.  There are a lot of sites to visit and a lot of land to cover.  3 or 4 years ago I said I wanted to start going on ‘day-trips’ to towns/cities up to 3 hours away from where I live.

So far, I’ve gone on 1 and that doesn’t really count cause my family lives there.

Last weekend my lifelong friend, my boyfriend, and I went on a little day trip of our own to Ingram, TX.

I’ve been stuck in a rut for weeks and I haven’t spoken to my friend in a while so when he text me to see if I wanted to go to Ingram with him I said YES.  I needed to break from my rut.

So, we took the 2.5-hour trip and managed to get into a little accident a few miles away from Ingram.  It was just a bump but my friend’s bumper did break.  An officer came out, filed the report and sent us on our way.

Ingram TX

We continued on our journey and finally made it to Ingram.  We decided that since we were there we had to stop at the Stonehenge II site.  When we arrived we saw tents and people walking around.

They were having a Celtic Festival!  It was such a nice surprise, for a moment it felt like we were no longer in Texas.

Although this day trip was not planned and we didn’t get to do much due to time constraints we still had a lot of fun.  Going on this trip kinda opened the doors for me to take another day trip sometime in the next few weeks.

Since Christmas is coming up, I will make a Holiday Bucket list.  Maybe I can take the tween to see how other small towns decorate their downtowns.

Holiday Bucket List.

  • Visit other small towns & photograph downtown decor
  • Walk around in the cold with a hot mug of cocoa
  • Walk around a tree farm
I’ll add more as we go along.  This is all I can think of for now.

What things do you like to do during the winter?


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