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3 Day Detox – How I did it & My Results

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(Ugh! I forgot to take a before pic, but this before pic was taken in June according to my phone- still, I was puffy!)

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3 day detox results rafael pt fitness in Austin tx

I am not going to lie.  Day 2 was not good at all. All day I just ate whatever I had in the fridge.  This weekend I didn’t meal prep like I had planned.  There is a great reason for that though.  On Saturday and Sunday we painted my kitchen cabinets!  This project was on the back burner for FIVE years!


So, with my kitchen being a big mess, I wasn’t able to meal prep.  I still think that if I wanted it badly enough, I would have found a way to meal prep.


Anyway, the point is that I originally intended on going on a 3 day detox.  The way that I detox is a little different than what you see on the media.  Check out the detox blog I wrote on - this explains it all.


You’ve probably seen ads on detox juices or pills.  I don’t believe in that stuff.  My motto is “I got myself into this mess with food, I will get out of it with food.”

drink more water Rafael PT Fitness in Austin TX

My Detox Plans:

  • 3-day detox by drinking 2 protein smoothies each day, instead of just one.  Replacing 2 snacks with those protein smoothies.   If I don’t watch myself, I could end up eating very little to no protein per day. Not good at all.  That means that I end up eating 2 or 3 times more carbs and fats than I should.


  • Eat more veggies, veggie bowls, and salads.  I consider all veggies ‘free foods’.  When I eat out of a bowl I end up eating more veggies than when I eat on a plate. It’s weird and I don’t know the exact reason why but it’s a nice hack to try.


  • Add fiber powder to my coffee, water, and smoothies.  Although my veggies already have fiber, I like to add a little more throughout the day.


  • Add antioxidant fruits and cut back on the super-ripe/sweet fruits.  This, I feel, helps me detox faster and replenish my body with all the good stuff it’s craving.


  • Keep drinking lots of water and maybe add 1 more cup per day.  I don’t drink sodas. They aren’t on my shopping list, in my fridge, or pantry. I just do not drink sodas or juices. My other motto is “I’d rather eat my calories, carbs, and sweets than drink them.”  Take the soda but leave me the chocolate bar. Lol

detox with foods

The Detox Diaries

Day one went well, I didn’t eat anything too unhealthy or fattening and added more water, salads, and smoothies.  My kitchen was a mess for three days total including the kitchen prep work so I did what I could with what I had.


Day two not so good.  I think I only had a salad, no smoothies but I did eat fresh fruits.  I also had Wendy’s so that sucked lol.


Day Three I forgot to drink a smoothie in the morning BUT when I got hungry for a snack in the evening (Why always so late in the evening???)  I reached for a smoothie instead of the freshly baked cookies I made the preteen.  I reached for two small cookies after dinner though.


My Detox Results

Even though I wasn’t military strict with my detox this time around, I still lost 4 pounds.  The weight loss is not at all what I was focusing on.  I didn’t even track my fat or muscle mass so I am going to say that was all just water loss.


My face did get less puffy, which is what I was trying to change.  My face cleared up a bit too.  And not to be TMI but I also had success in the powder room department. If you catch my drift.


Now, imagine what the success would be like if I stuck to a properly followed 3-day detox the way I planned it?


That’s going to be for another time. For now, I am going to keep drinking water, drinking my protein shakes instead of snacking and eating my veggies.  


Maybe if I keep it up I wouldn’t have to go on detoxes…. Another rant for another time.

be afraid not to try

My advise if you are going on a detox

Let me just say this though, that even if you only add 1 ‘healthy’ meal or smoothie to your day, you are pivoting away from something else you could have had. So celebrate your baby steps.  The baby steps are the hardest ones.


The baby steps are the hardest ones.


It’s never too late to do right by yourself.  It’s never too late to love yourself.  It’s never too small a change to help yourself.


Make sure to visit my blog post on to learn the most effective way to detox.


Thank you so much for reading - If you made it all the way down here THANK you so much & don't forget to show yourself some love right now.



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